Property Management Services

Properties that we Manage:

Marina | 17 Units
Pacific Heights | 6 Units
Nob Hill | 2 Units

Nob Hill | 8 Units
Lone Mountain | Single Family Home
Lower Pacific Heights | 3 Units
Residential Property Management Services:
We can customize our management services/contract to meet the individual needs of a property owner. Some or all of the following services for each of our owner/clients can be individualized to fit the specific needs or the client and the property.

Please call Victor Chung (415) 683-8383 for a FREE Quote today!

Advertise the property ( Signs, newspaper ads, etc.) Show the property personally and distribute statements about the property Screen prospective tenant applications, secure credit reports, search public records, verify references and conduct interviews Negotiate leases and customize lease clauses for property needs. Collect all move-in money, i.e, rent, security deposits

Collect rent, Security deposits, and other reciepts. Deposit into Trust Account for Owner Pay all operating expenses for property on behalf of owner, i.e, mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc. Submit monthly statements to owners

24-hour, 7-days per week, maintenance emergency number and service response Coordinate major repairs and renovations with specialists such as electricians, general contractors, plumbers, etc.

General Management Services:
Handle all tenant relations, correspondence, phone calls, maintenance requests. Enforce lease requirements on behalf of owner Serve notices to terminate tenancy, proceed with unlawful detainer action. Employ attorneys if necessary, and complete any necessary eviction action.

Rental Fee:
The fee for rental services for properties managed by Bay Property Management and most single-family units varies. Please call Victor Chung (415) 683-8383 for a FREE Quote.

Owners pay all costs for advertising, property maintenance, and operating expenses for the property.

Compensation for Other Services:
Compensation for modernization, capital improvements, refinancing or other services not listed above, may be charged on an hourly fee and/or 10% project management fee.

Prior to quoting an exact fee for management/rental services, we will evaluate the property and make an initial visit. There is no fee for this service. Please don not hesitate to call if you need any additional information.
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